San Diego creative design love birds specializing in luxury handcrafted laser cut custom details,cheeky party goods,cocktail ware,branded & more!


Our goal is to provide a personalized and memorable experience unlike any other by creating details that help tell a story, your story. Your love story. Your birthday story. Your event's story. Your business' story. Your party. Your details. Your story.

My name is Jenn and he's Julian and we're Jenn & Jules Designs- just a couple of creative design love birds putting our hearts and souls into every single detail we make!

He's from Southern California (So Cal) and I'm from Northern California (Nor Cal). Together we create luxury handcrafted laser cut custom details, cheeky party goods, cocktail ware, branded details, home decor & more! Whether you're looking for a drink stirrer to help get your party started, a cake topper to represent you and your love coming together as one, or anything and everything in between, our items are sure to fill the bill.

In a world of go go go, it's so nice to slow it down and cheers to this beautiful life! From creating stunning custom pieces for a small business owner, event launch, wedding or nursery for someone to cherish for a lifetime all the way to creating outlandishly fun and spunky re-usable party thing is in common, we bring smiles to our customers. Weddings are embodied with people coming together to celebrate love and family, how can we not feel so honored to be asked to play a small part in that!? From day one Julian and I have done everything surrounding our business and product production on our own. Designing, peeling, prepping, loading, cutting, poking, peeling (second round), cleaning, polishing, packaging, sending... we never had someone "show us" how to do any of the steps that go into laser cutting our products. Have never outsourced machine or laser work, we took the chance from the beginning to create a line that was 100% authentic and 100% handcrafted by the two of us. With over 10 years industry experience, Julian has put his expertise into every aspect of our company and has graciously taught me his ways. Coming from a creative background in marketing, I always dreamed of being able to simply...create something I believed in! It's our pleasure to do what we do and we're thankful for every single day.

All of our items are made from love and with the help of our son Jake and our dog Stifler ;), each piece is sure to be unique, come take a look and let's toast to love!


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